Building visual atmospheres through colours and movement are my main interest.

Often informalistic works are based on perceptions of ambience of nature or energies and details of other surroundings. I use abstract and intuitive painting method to create these visions and spaces. 

In my series Journey , Perhosefekti, Serene I have focused on quietness and peacefulness. Abstract pictures associates as landscape, breath, horizon, the dark - atmospheres with movements of finnish nature build the picture of the quietness. Layered, down to earth paintings create a silent fanfare – an ode for silence in the middle of huge rush and tempo around us in our everyday lives. 

In the project Indian Express I`m using colors more loud and strong, making also painting act more visible on bright scales and straight action. Indian Express shows fast and spontaneous paint strokes with exotic vibe. Paintings can be seen as a abstract journal of my travels to other countries and cultures, as representations from new visual enviroment and energy.
I am a visual artist based in Finland (b. 1984). I have had several solo exhibitions and taken part in various curated group exhibitions Finland, and also in the Netherlands and Estonia.